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Moving Checklist

We know how complicated moving can be for customers. So we went ahead and developed a simple to use checklist that allows you to plan and prepare for your upcoming move. If you need any guidance at all during your move, please feel free to reach out to us directly at 551-277-2721.

  • Start by creating an item list of what you plan to move with you. Focus on items that will not fit in a x-large box or smaller.
  • We offer virtual in-home tours through Zoom that allow us to see your items so you do not have to create a list. We will do it for you during the walk-thru.
  • Decide on the dates you want to move. Having a range can work early on for example ``Last week of August``.
  • Focus on a moving company, not brokers to save additional fees that brokers may require.
  • Discuss packing options with your moving agent if you are interested in full packing services.
  • When packing items yourself, such as kitchenware or dishes, ask your moving agent for tips to best protect your fragile items. We offer tips in our emails sent to you during your planning stages.
  • Make a note of any precious items that require special care to move. Be sure to pack these items with you such as jewelry and important personal documents.
  • Start to use up all the food in the freezer. This can help you have minimal waste of food on moving day as perishable items can not be packed for movers.
  • Start to let your utility providers know that you will be moving. If you have a new address, begin to update your mail as well.
  • Be ready for your movers by having your boxes packed if you are packing yourself.
  • Do a quick through and box all loose items that are small enough for a box. The movers will take care of all furniture and appliance items.
  • The big day is coming to get some rest and try to minimize any appointments for your move day.
  • Congrats! Your move went amazing and you are now in your new home.
  • Be sure to give us a call for any future moves and we wish you the best!

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